Janathon 2011

Janathon 2011
Tales of woe from a participant

Thursday, 13 January 2011

From Vegas to Southsea

Interesting, yet positive day.

Started off by 'warming up' to Wii Fit Just Dance 2 with my 12 year old daughter. I danced to Viva Las Vegas and James Brown's I Feel Good.

My daughter hammered me by getting at least twice the points I did (although to be fair to me she does dance lessons all week).

Feeling fully warmed up (knackered!) I then decided to run on Southsea seafront.

I hadn't banked on the force 6 gales and heavy misty rain!

Very spooky - I couldn't see the sea let alone the Isle of Wight - however I could see a tiny boat bobbing around through the mist with a searchlight - no idea what they were doing - fishing, diamond smuggling, gun running, dumping a body?

At lease I had the wind behind me for the second half of the run.

Not a good time, but just pleased to get through it.

I think tonight I will be Brittney Spears.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tale of Two Days

10 Jan - in loads of pain with back but decided to run throught it anyway - hooray!

11 Jan - felt great but the day escaped me with ferrying my children around, cooking their supper, cooking my supper - damn!

Monday, 10 January 2011

RIP Pete Williams

Today I ran on Southsea Seafront as my Fitness First gym was shut following the shock death of one of the trainers (probably half my age).

The run under the clear night sky was that bit more poigniant than usual.

My thoughts go out to all his family and friends.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Breaking the pain barrier

At the risk of repeating myself in a blog I seem to be going slower and slower - I think it is the hip (and knee).

Still managed a mile but got a pw (like a pb only a personal worst!)

Saturday, 8 January 2011


OK. This wasn't part of the plan either.

I have a huge jarring pain on my left hip (if there is such a thing).

Will a chiropractor or osteopath stop me running?

Is it best to run through the pain or stop?

Who knows - either way I could only manage the mile.


Friday, 7 January 2011

Hmmmm! I wasn't expecting that.

OK. Day 6.

I was still quite stiff from my previous days training and only had a shorrt 'window' in which to train, therefore I decided once again to clock up a single mile.

However rather than go all the way to the gym I decided to reproduce the mile I did on Day 1 on Southsea seafront.

It was once again cold, wet and dark.

On Day 1 I ran the distance in 8:08 and I was determined to crack the 8 minute barrier. So I set off at a pace.

Bad mistake as I was very soon out of breath and even slowing didn't help. However I crossed the line convinced that I had broken the 8 minute barrier if not with very painful lungs.

A quick check of the watch showed me ....... 8:25! Aaaagh! Good grief!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I now get the 'athon' in 'Janathon'

Yesterday I came to understand the 'Marathon' part of 'Janthon'.

Even when I was a young, fit and a regular trainer I always had days off in my schedule.

Sure I may go four or five days in a row playing sport, but when it came to training it would always be three/four days max 'on', two /three days 'off'.

Having resumed training after many years away from it, Day 5 came as a nasty shock. As always I woke in the morning stiff from my previous days exercise, however unlike other days the stiffness did not go away during the day.

When I got on that treadmill last night every step jarred my knees and lower back.

I therefore decided to stick to a solitary mile but push it as fast as I can. I clocked up an average time for me, but more importantly I got through it.

I am still feeling stiff again today, but now have the belief I can run through this.

Are there any seasoned Junathoners out there who can tell me whether things get better or worse, and when in the month that happens?