Janathon 2011

Janathon 2011
Tales of woe from a participant

Thursday, 13 January 2011

From Vegas to Southsea

Interesting, yet positive day.

Started off by 'warming up' to Wii Fit Just Dance 2 with my 12 year old daughter. I danced to Viva Las Vegas and James Brown's I Feel Good.

My daughter hammered me by getting at least twice the points I did (although to be fair to me she does dance lessons all week).

Feeling fully warmed up (knackered!) I then decided to run on Southsea seafront.

I hadn't banked on the force 6 gales and heavy misty rain!

Very spooky - I couldn't see the sea let alone the Isle of Wight - however I could see a tiny boat bobbing around through the mist with a searchlight - no idea what they were doing - fishing, diamond smuggling, gun running, dumping a body?

At lease I had the wind behind me for the second half of the run.

Not a good time, but just pleased to get through it.

I think tonight I will be Brittney Spears.

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  1. Well done on getting out there in the gale force winds... Hope the back, hip and knee are feeling better !!